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Dentek Easy Interdental Brushes 3 - 5 MM ISO 3

12 interdental brushes with flexible handle Medium Wide

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Dentek Easy Interdental Brushes 3 - 5 MM ISO 3

Dentek Easy Brush Ragers remove food, reduce tooth decay, remove plaque, fight bad breath.

Cleaning small spaces between teeth (and braces) has never been easier! Easy Brush from Dentek is one of the most popular brushes in the world. Because of its flexibility and precision, it is possible to reach even the most difficult areas.

5 reasons why is the Dentek Easy Brushes a good choice

1: The bristles are coated with a fluoride coating and mint, which not only makes the tooth enamel stronger but also makes the breath fresh.

2: The Easy Brush has a flexible handle, which makes it particularly easy to clean.

3: The Easy Brush contains a sealing plastic cap that ensures that the brush stays clean between using. The cap can also be used as an extension to reach the back molars even more easily.

4: The metal wire on which the bristles are located is also flexible and gentle on the gums.

5. The brush head is tapered so that no spot is skipped during brushing and is suitable for different sizes between the teeth (1 3mm)


How to use Dentek?

1. Place the brush in a controlled manner between the teeth, interdental spaces or braces.

2. Move the Easy Brush gently upwards to remove plaque and food residues.

3. Rinse the brush with warm water after use.

4. Replace the Easy Brush when the bristles are 'worn out'. Don't put pressure.

Not for children under 10 years old (unsupervised).

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Dentek Easy Interdental Brushes 3 - 5 MM ISO 3
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